Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Sweetness of Boys

Raising boys is tough work.  They are loud, rough, full-on, loud!!!  But you know what?  There is such a sweetness and tenderness about these boys that makes it all worth it.

I sent Eddie downstairs to draw a picture for me with chalk and I'd come down to check it once my cuppa was made.  This is what I found.

Follow the arrows

... Down the path

Round the bend ...

Awwwww.    Sweet!

Sasha sped past me down the driveway, calling out "I'm just getting something".  When we arrived in Wowan there was a large pot at the driveway filled with dirt.  For six months it has just sat there, filled with dirt.  A few days of heavy rain and what do you know ... colourful blooms.

My bouquet from Sasha!   Sweet.
As Isaac has been toilet training (and now is all done!), he has obviously been spending lots of time in the bathroom undressing and dressing again.  As I help him put his pants back on, he leans on my shoulder and whispers "Mummy, you are lovely".  Sweet.

And my man?  Took the boys on some errands and encouraged me to meet a friend for a pedicure (my first ever pedicure) on the day we were to travel back home from a week away.  Sweet.

Check out my flip-flop tan!

Counting my blessings,

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ending of an Era?

I feel it every time I look at my baby boy, who is so evidently not a baby anymore.  I'm not used to not having a baby around and although these are milestones you look forward to as they grow, I don't know if you are every ready for it.

Even though we are open to the possibility of having more children at some stage, it is something I am aware can never be taken for a given!!

So, as we are fast approaching Isaac's 3rd birthday, and since he is toilet training and gaining more and more independence, I am savouring my little boy's last signs of baby-ness.  Check out this cutie-patootie!!

Chubby cheeks and a bucket hat - gets me every time.

Chubby fingers and toes - a sign he's my baby for just a bit longer!!!

I will post holiday pics soon - I will!


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Finally ...

... The Holidays - they have arrived.  I know it probably seems like we haven't been here long enough to earn a holiday, but Cameron has been issued with 5 weeks because he has too many holidays up his sleeve - and I tell you, it is perfect timing.  Cameron has been doing a lot of overtime lately and even though it isn't too taxing in our small town, it just makes him unavailable.  Because a colleague has been very sick, he has been working 11 days straight with 3 days off for a little while now so we are ready to chill for a while. 

Next week we've booked in for a few local activities in Rockhampton for school holidays - things like a trip to Heritage Village where the boys will be able to feed animals, milk cows etc, then a couple of trips to different train museums for a train ride and kids crafts with goody bags and so on.  The boys are excited and I will try to remember to pack my camera for show and tell next week!!

Last weekend we had a lovely overnight visit from my sister, her husband and 5 beautiful children.  It was a full house but it was so much fun and lovely to see her precious crew growing up so fast.  Took a great cousins shot (oldest to youngest) this time, so we'll be able to compare height changes over the years.  My sisters are like my best friends and it is very hard to catch up and I feel sad when they leave, but this time I was determined to make the most of it and enjoy what special time we had.

My nephew kept forgetting names, so was calling his cousins "bro".  Love that Eddie dressed up for the occasion.

Can you tell we are sisters?


The cousins - aren't they a gorgeous bunch?

I am truly blessed,

Thursday, 1 September 2011

This Too Shall Pass

It's been a tough week this week.  On Monday Eddie woke with a fever and bad cough, so spent the day in bed.  He seemed to pick up in the early evening and was better the next day.  I however went to bed that night feeling the symptoms and woke on Tuesday feeling worse, with a headache as well and ended the day vomiting.  Good times.  Sasha woke yesterday morning with "sore arms and legs" and a sore tummy.  He spent the day in bed but felt better towards the end of the day and was determined to "eat everything off my plate" at dinner time.  He did too, and fortunately there wasn't a colourful show of it afterwards, which was what I expected.

I sometimes feel a crisis of faith when there is sickness in the family (especially when it is my own).  I wonder why I don't see instant results to my prayers for healing.  Anyway, I got over myself and decided to live in hope.  Hope for a better day tomorrow; hope for healing; hope in the God I know who has never let me down.  We live in a sinful world so we are not promised a smooth ride.  But I can still pray, and still believe for all good things, and trust God for the rest. 

Today is a better day.  We decided to start the week off again (sound familiar Jen) and things are looking up and I am very thankful.

Anyway, here are some random thoughts I've been mulling over (humour me - I don't get out much!!)

1.  The lady who works at the Post Office sells farm fresh eggs for $3/dz.  No more marble-sized eggs from the nearest IGA (and by nearest I mean 50km away).  Yay.
2.  I think I may be intolerant to wheat and maybe lactose.  I'm also thinking I might ignore this thought, because I would then have to do research and find alternatives and that just sounds like too much work.  Anyone else wheat intolerant/lactose intolerant?  And does wheat intolerant mean gluten intolerant?  Okay, okay, I will do the research.
3.  Cameron gets holidays in about 18 days - for five weeks.  He does have a lot of overtime to do before those holidays, so I am hoping it goes smoothly.  Instead of 8 days on, he will need to do at least 11 and possibly 14 days straight.  Hoping it is just the 11.

I should sign off before those random thoughts become ramblings.  Oh, too late.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Eddie's Top 3

Eddie loves to take photos and he is actually getting quite good at it.  The other day he asked if he could have a turn with the camera, so I told him to take three photos of what he loved about Wowan.

So, here they are:

# 1 - "Daddy's work car".  They never seem to get tired of seeing the Ambulance.  Even if we are on a trip to a larger city, they will always call out when they see an Ambulance.

# 2 - You may not be able to see this, but it is a sprinkler!!!  I don't know if I can add anything else to this one.  I assume he likes it because it is a tall standing one and it waters most of the yard??  But anyway, it made the list.

# 3 - The trampoline.  Cameron's lovely sister and her husband gifted us with this trampoline so it was the boys job to help Daddy put it together - and they did an amazing job.  It is very large and has been in use every single day since it was assembled.  Has even been a great tool in making new friends.

So there you have it; Eddies top 3.  I love that he is easily pleased.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Life in Wowan

I really don't know why it has taken me so long to write this post.  The boxes have been unpacked and the house looking like a home since 3 days after we moved in.  Perhaps it's just enjoying the relaxed lifestyle.

A move of any sort is a stressful time, even if it is one you are looking forward to.  But I'm not going to focus on the negative - I'm going to share all the great things we've experienced in Wowan and share some pics.

Having lived on 5 and a half acres in Maryborough, we are not used to knowing neighbours or seeing traffic pass our front door.  Our boys are loving the fact that we can see the highway from our home and often throughout the day we will hear one of the boys call out "wide load coming" and they all race to the window (or the front gate if we are downstairs) and wait for it to pass.  Funny boys.

Another plus for them is having a boy live next door of the same age.  His dad is the local Police officer.  Their new friend comes over most days to play or jump on the trampoline.  It's nice.

I feel really settled here now.  Routine is happening, school and learn-to-read lessons are back in full swing and there is a calm to our days, which is lovely.  Our new home is large enough for our needs (the envy of the other government workers in town), and bright and clean.  We can see the sun rise from our kitchen window and there are lovely country views.  The towns people are very friendly.  I don't think I've even had a chance to say "I'm Amanda, the new ambo's wife".  People just say hello and ask how we are settling in.  When we walk to the post office to collect our mail, we rarely get to use our key at the post box, as the postmistress has heard us coming and is on the front steps with our mail ready for us.  I love that about small towns.

So, here are a few photos of life for us here in Wowan.

Front of our house.  The bottom left is the reliever's quarters, bottom right is the ambulance station and above is our home.

Lounge (combined with dining, which is next shot).  It is a lovely large room which allows the morning sun to stream in.  Behind the large bookshelves is the kitchen and breakfast area.

The dining / school table.  Nice and warm on these cold mornings.

The Ergon workers did not realise they would have an audience when they were testing poles in our street. 

The lovely view from our back porch.  Hard to really capture the beautiful colours in this shot.

Blessings from Wowan,

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Quick Update

It's been a while since I posted.  I have been stressing out a bit while trying not to stress out.  The removalists will be coming in 9 days to pack our things.  Now that I have arranged for a cleaner and carpet cleaner to get the place in order for the new tenants, and have crossed a few more things off my list, I am now starting to relax and feel on top of things again.

Mixed emotions for me about moving. I love change and new challenges.  I am excited about moving, as I believe it is the right time for us, and I'm so proud of my husband for applying for and receiving this promotion.  We are leaving some lovely people however.  The contacts I have made, especially recently with some amazing homeschool support, will be difficult to say goodbye to.  But I'm grateful for the time anyway, as I really believe we are meant to homeschool and God "hooked us up". 

Another difficult goodbye for the boys will be Cameron's family.  We haven't talked about that part yet.  We'll try to build up the excitement of a new home and talk about coming back for holidays. 

This may well be my last post from Maryborough.  Actually getting a bit teary now thinking of that.  I won't say goodbye though.  There's always facebook!!!

Our "Welcome to Wowan" brochure


Monday, 4 July 2011

On The Mend

So it turns out I was slightly justified in having a whine session about cold/flu, and being run down.  I finally went to the doctors after incessant coughing caused severe pain in my chest.  The diagnosis was pleurisy and pneumonia.  After 4 days of doctors appointments, blood tests, scans and then two weeks of double doses of antibiotics, I am finally feeling better.  I don't do well with being sick and I tend to push myself the minute I feel slightly better - which is probably why it takes a little longer to recover (I'll learn one of these days). 

Miss Motivation has taken holidays however and I really need to find her and get back on track because we only have about 3 weeks before we are due to move.  No pressure!  Taking one day at a time.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011


My man.  I am truly blessed.  Today I got a lovely surprise.  We all went to get some groceries and I left Cameron at the checkout to pay while I herded the boys off to the toy bike to wait for Daddy.  When he finished I told him I just had to pick up a script and then we could go.  But instead he told me that he got extra money out after paying for the groceries and he would like me to go to the shop and pick out some clothes!  Wow.  Oh my goodness.  I was almost speechless (almost).  He even suggested we go right then and he would keep the boys amused for as long as it took.  The icing on the cake was actually finding something that I liked and that fit me well. 

I've felt run down for a while and then the cold/flu thing grabbed me last week, so I feel like Cameron has been picking up a lot of slack lately.  So I'm truly counting my many blessings tonight.

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Population 338 ... +5

I am so proud of my husband.  He has been offered another Officer-in-Charge position and this time it looks like he will be taking it.  Wowan is a town about 70km south-west of Rockhampton and at the last census registered a massive 338 residents (in the town and surrounding area)!!!  Not going to think too heavily on that part - but as for the move itself, I am thrilled.  We need a change and some more connect time as a family, not to mention an increase in pay that will bring us a step closer to Cameron's retirement dream.

The move will probably take place in the next 6 weeks.  Cameron's roster will be an 8 days on 6 days off deal so we will be travelling between Wowan and Maryborough - until we figure out what we want to do on a more permanent basis.

Being an organiser, I have several lists on the go but this is the part that I find difficult - the waiting game.  My hands are tied until they actually give us a release date.  I don't have too much clutter around, as I cull regularly (one of my all time favourite jobs to do), so it is really a matter of just deciding what needs to go and putting all those things in one particular area for the removalists to pack and then triple checking that list!

So, busy times ahead for us but exciting times also.  And by the way, try doing an internet search on Wowan.  The only thing I can find out is that it has a golf and bowling club, a showground, a Hotel (obviously), a caravan park (although on searching that further, it has been closed but they left their website up for historical purposes!!!) and a roadhouse.  I think I'll have to do a coffee shop crawl before we leave - or buy a cappacino maker.


Monday, 6 June 2011

Some school photos from last week

Our latest order - how much do we love The Book Depository?

Eddie completing his worksheet

Sasha completing his worksheet - and a left hander!!

Eddie always checks his work before he gives it to me!!

Taking our reading outdoors - to their cubby house!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Week in Review

EDIT - Am having trouble uploading photos at the moment, so will post our pictures from the week at another time.

It is probably almost two weeks in review, but since my last post we have implemented those two specific changes (being 7.00am wake up, and starting school work) and it has been great.  The boys body clocks are starting to adjust to it and even wake naturally at that time.  The odd morning I still need to wake one of the boys up, but otherwise it is working well and bedtime is happening more smoothly again.  The only down side is when I don't get enough quiet time in the morning before they wake (which has happened the last two mornings).  I have had a fairly positive attitude towards it but come the afternoon and I am struggling.  I guess that is what goes on the list next week - SET THE ALARM.
As for school work, it has been going great.  The only officicial curriculum I am using at the moment is Maths and we are using Rod and Staff.  This has been great and although I don't follow the script exactly (my boys tune out with too much repetition) we all love it.  I am trying to introduce them gently, as they are still very young, so I am not pushing them to do all the worksheets that are given for review.  I get them to do one or two in the lesson and the rest I will keep for an activity during a lull.

We have been struggling a bit with behaviour issues this week and I put it down to TV watching.  We are going to have to ban it for a while and test our theory, which I'm secretly mourning because it is the one time that I get to sit down and have a cup of tea in peace.  Even though they don't watch too much TV, within half an hour of watching something they start acting up, stirring each other and fighting.  It's just not worth even a half hours' reprieve if it turns into chaos and strife.

So next weeks' changes are: 
  1. No TV time for the boys;
  2. No computer time for me while the boys are awake (unless Cam is home and out with the boys);
  3. Alarm for Mummy to rise and have quiet time and coffee before the day starts (and perhaps exercise eventually can be added!!)

Here's to a good week.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


My sweet little sister had a go at me the other day because I didn't post often enough on this blog.  And she's right.  Since starting this blog, I've realised even more how quickly time passes.

So, just for my sister, here is one of my favourite pictures of her and my bubby Isaac.  I'm sure she's going to be mad at me, but since she is having problems with posting a comment from her computer, I may get away with it for a little while!

Isaac (age 10 months) and Aunty Lissy

I am really blessed to have two amazing sisters who are not only family but my closest friends also.  Since I'll already be in trouble, here's another favourite photo of my older sister (also with Isaac).  Love you guys.

Isaac (age 4 months) with Aunty Elly

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Small Steps

Well, I think it's happening.  Momentum.  Discipline.  Mojo.  Whatever you like to call it, I feel like I'm starting to get back to my normal planning self and I LOVE IT.  It's been so weird not being able to wanting to plan.  Even when I have wanted to, my mind has been cloudy and jumbled so I just put it off for another day, and another...

As regards to homeschooling and how we run our house, let's face it - I am a routine kind of gal.  And that's ok.  Go with the flow works for some (and I secretly envy them) but it really doesn't work for our home - at least not on a permanent basis.  So as of tomorrow, it is back to routine for us (a grace-based routine anyway). 

Some things that will be changing are:
  1. waking the boys up instead of letting them sleep in til whenever!  At the moment I have been leaving them and just getting breakfast for them whenever they wake.  One will wake at about 7 or 7.30 and then the other two are 8 or 8.30.   From now on wake up will be 7.00am.  We are finding that the boys are not settling for bed until very late.  Even though they are in bed and lights out by 8, they are still awake and need refereeing often until 9.00pm, which doesn't leave much couple time before I fall asleep from exhaustion!!  Hopefully this change will help.
  2. As regards to school - just doing it really.  I've spent so much time researching and planning that there comes a time to actually implement it.  I know my boys are young and don't really need much school but to be honest - they want it.  They want to do the worksheets and "do school" as they call it.  My main focus though will be on teaching to read.  Obviously that is the key to every thing else, so we'll work on that

    Our school room

    Our school table
    I am finding that since we have put up this calendar and the boys change it each day, they have a better sense of time because they can visualise the days and count them off (except when they ask how long they have to wait til their birthday and they've only just had it!!!)

Hoping for a wonderful week.


Friday, 29 April 2011

Holidays, Celebrations - and now for the routine!

Five weeks of holidays flew by like I knew they would.  The back-to-work date sat on the calendar as a distant engagement but before we could blink, it was upon us.  Usually after a good break we are refreshed and ready to get back into the routine … this time it is different.  Going back to work for Cameron was a chore; not having him with us was a struggle; and it has reinforced our plans to have him retire sooner rather than later.  We’ll kick the plan into high gear and try to be patient, keeping an eye on the prize!

It was a week of celebrations for us.  Not only Easter celebrations with family and friends but also Cameron and Eddie’s birthday yesterday.  We ended up celebrating Cameron’s birthday on the Wednesday (complete with cake) and then having the Thursday to celebrate Eddie’s birthday (with more cake!!).  I think they both enjoyed their days.  I’m not sure if we’ll always have separate days for them but it worked for this year. 

Photo courtesy of Eddie

Eddie's last night as a 4 year-old

I must admit I have thrown routine and order out the window a bit.  After being so run down leading into the holidays, we tended to just spend time with the boys and not worry too much about school, structure, routine or anything.  Starting to pay for that a bit now though, as they boys really thrive on routine.  I’m not a strict clock watcher or anything, but I know my boys respond well to a plan and purpose to the day so I really need to find out where Miss Motivation went and get her back to work!!  There’ll always be tomorrow though, because today we have to worry about settling in Eddie’s birthday present.  Mistake #1 – assuming that when your child asks for a dog he will choose a compact and manageable one.  

Meet Mutley!!!


Saturday, 9 April 2011

News, No News and Random Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but being new to the blog world I struggle with titles for posts!!  But anyway, the title pretty much sums it up.  This was going to be a post to let you know that we would be moving to Julia Creek.  Cameron was offered the Officer in Charge position at Julia Creek but decided to turn it down.  It was for a two-year term transfer and even though I love change, it would have been a logistical nightmare to live between two locations.  So now I have no news for you!

Cameron may well put in for other Officer in Charge positions closer to where we live and then he could work the 8 days on and come back for the 6 days off (we would all go with him though).  It would be a better pay for him and just a more family friendly roster.  We’ll see.  I’m content for the moment.

Anyway, onto the random ramblings…

Holidays have been up and down.  Cameron has had a rough couple of weeks.  He had the tragic news that his best friend from childhood was killed in a car crash while returning from work.  The funeral was a week later, so he had a very long week with many memories flooding back.  For the last week he has been a bit run down and not feeling 100% but thankfully has picked up today.  With 11 days left of holidays, I am praying for rest and refreshing for us all.  We are off to Brisbane again this week (with Cameron continuing on to Melbourne for the BB King concert) so a change will do us good.

My boys are growing up fast.  Eddie will be 5 at the end of the month – I can’t believe it.  We are having issues at the moment as to how to celebrate his birthday.  He was born on Cameron’s birthday and he is a bit upset about the fact that he has to share his birthday when no one else in the family has to do that!!  I don’t know how to get around this because I like making people feel special on their birthday and I don’t want Cameron to feel like he has to forgo his.  We have decided for this year that Cameron will celebrate his birthday the day before and Eddie’s will be on his actual birthday.  Hoping it gets easier with time.

Completely changing the subject again, Cameron and I are starting on a detox type diet tomorrow.  It is usually a 10-day diet but we will just be doing 6 because we are away for the weekend.  Although I’m a bit scared of it (because I don’t do well with temptation sometimes and I hate to fail), I am actually excited about feeling better and more motivated.  Planning to re-introduce exercise into my day as well, so hoping this will be the kick-start I need.

Looking foward to catching up with my big sister again on the weekend.  

Anyway, should wind this up and try for an earlier night.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Catch Up

Well, it has been a while since I posted.  Time flies.  Cameron has been on holidays for two weeks already and I feel like we are only just starting to relax and get into holiday mode.  For the first week or so we had errands to run, sleep to catch up on and a seminar for Cameron (more on that later).  Now I am actually planning to have a sleep-in tomorrow and just go with the flow - see how the day develops.  I NEVER DO THAT.  I mean never.  I like to get up before the boys, have my shower and quiet time and prepare for my day.  No doubt I'll still get up earlier than the boys but we'll see how it goes.


A week ago Cameron and I went to Brisbane for about 5 days so he could attend a seminar presented by 21st Century Academy.  For me this involved 4 full days (8.00am til after midnight!!) to entertain 3 boys who were outside of their normal environment and with rainy Brisbane weather.  A big shout out to Aunty Elly who took a couple of days off to spend with us.  Even though it was hard going and I was exhausted, I was glad to do it because Cameron is preparing for our future as a family.  Our goal is to have Cameron be able to retire from his job in about 3 to 5 years, be financially secure with various investments and have him be able to work from home and enjoy quality of life.  With 3 active boys who dote on their Daddy, this is an exciting vision.

After a huge 4 days, I went out with my sister for some girly time at the local shopping centre.  Coffee, shopping, more coffee, lunch out - four and a half hours later and I was a whole new woman!  I can't remember the last time I had that much time away from my boys.  I could finish my train of thought, or complete a sentence and everything.  It was amazing (and I'm really sorry Aunty Elly for babbling so much at our morning coffee).

(There is supposed to be a lovely photo of my sister and I here but for some reason it is not showing up!!)

I have noticed a big change in Cameron since attending this seminar.  The training not only discusses financial aspects but personal motivation as well.  Cameron is wanting to be more disciplined; is more focused in his vision; and back to his more relaxed self.  One thing he said to me at the end of the training weekend was that he was sorry for having neglected me a bit lately.  I don't know if I really felt neglected  (we've been busy and had a lot going on lately) but just that he was aware of it and communicated it made me feel very appreciated.

So that is what has been happening with us lately.  Three more weeks of holidays will find us catching up with old friends for a number of dinner parties; going on a date to watch the local production of The Music Man (can't wait Saminda and Jane); another weekend trip to Brisbane (so Cam can fly to Melbourne for a BB King concert) and possibly another road trip.

Life is good.


Monday, 14 March 2011

I Heart ...

* My new budget iron ($13 people!) that works like a charm and is cute as well

* Uniforms ironed and ready so the holidays don't get away from me

* 3 precious boys at peace in their beds after an active day



 * A tea party with my beloved

*  High hopes

* Oh, and did I mention the 5 weeks holiday thing!!!


Friday, 11 March 2011

Hangin' On

As I sit to type this post, my husband is finishing his second last shift before holidays.  Tomorrow will be a night shift and then he will be on holidays for just over 5 weeks.  It cannot come a moment too soon.  Life has been tough lately - nothing extraordinary, just life.  Being there for friends with marriage problems; life with three energetic boys; health issues for me where I feel I am just run down.  It catches up with you.

It also affects you spiritually.  When circumstances just keep piling up and you rarely get a quiet moment to process things let alone plan for the next week, then what do you do?  Keep suppressing those emotions and trust you will get a chance to deal with things later.  I've been struggling with hearing God's voice lately.  I have never ever doubted God's ability or desire to move in miraculous ways; never doubted His love for His people; and never doubted His ways and timing are perfect.  What I have questioned or struggled with is why I don't see answers to my specific prayers, or why I don't "feel" His particular guidance when facing decisions.  Those feelings when coupled with sleep deprivation lead to a bit of doubt.  Doubt and guilt.  Am I doing something wrong?  If only I tried harder, served more, then I would see breakthrough.  LIES. 

The Mighty God I serve is not a God of feeling but of fact.  I need to constantly remind myself that feelings change but God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  One John 3:1 says "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God."  Lavished.  That does not sound like a conditional love. 

My God sees my hearts' desire and that is to know Him more, love Him more and be faithful to be counted a child of the living God.  So I am going to try to go easy on myself until I can spend some time in quiet contemplation.  I tend to be the sort of person who prays and then gives God some suggestions for answers.  It goes a bit like this - "Father, please give me Your wisdom in this situation. (2 second pause).  Do You think I should do this?  Or maybe You want me to do this?"  I don't know if it's just that I'm a fixer by nature and need solutions, or that I'm scared of the silence - like all that soul searching was a bit too much work.

Anyway sorry for the ramble - I didn't intend for this to be so deep, but as you can see, there is a lot to process for me lately.  I've felt very snappy and not myself for a long time.  I'm usually a very calm person who sees the positive in every situation and I can barely recognise myself lately.  But I am holding on.  The end is in sight - this too shall pass.

I talked briefly to Cameron before he went to work today and mentioned my need for a retreat. I think it is achievable.  I need to not feel guilty about taking time from my family because I know in the end it will serve them so much more.  My older sister is coming up to visit for the weekend with a friend of ours and I am planning to talk to her about visiting her in Brisbane by myself sometime soon.  First and foremost will be at least half a day that is not planned, ie. no reading, no studying.  Just silence and waiting on God's voice and direction.  He knows my needs and will not let me down.  Then will come the reading, studying, planning I'm sure.  Can't wait. 

If you have managed to stay with me for this whole post, I thank you and love you.  Will try to be more upbeat in the next post.  Anyway, feel free to share your comments - do you ever feel the same?

Blessings to you,

Friday, 4 March 2011


Well, today my sweet second son turned 4.  This boy is so special.  He didn't even ask for presents today - not once.  When he woke up he asked whether today was his birthday and "does that mean I'm 4 now".   He was just as excited about receiving a birthday card as he was to receive a toy.  He received clothes, DVD, books, gift card and a toy car and each was met with an enthusiasm and appreciation which made me so proud of him. 

Sasha was our surprise child.  He arrived only 10 months after Eddie was born so we had our hands full.  He was a very serious baby - very rarely smiling and making you work hard for each smile he gave away.  It wasn't until he was about 9 or 10 months old that he all of a sudden become Mr Personality.  This boy is funny, caring, artistic, loving and a never-ending barrel of energy. 

We love you Sasha.  You are God's special gift to our family and your personality makes you a favourite with so many.  Glad you enjoyed your special day.

Here are a few photos of our quiet family day.

Banana cake with lemon cream cheese frosting.

Waving the smoke away - quirky child.

Reading his birthday card from some good friends.