Friday, 4 March 2011


Well, today my sweet second son turned 4.  This boy is so special.  He didn't even ask for presents today - not once.  When he woke up he asked whether today was his birthday and "does that mean I'm 4 now".   He was just as excited about receiving a birthday card as he was to receive a toy.  He received clothes, DVD, books, gift card and a toy car and each was met with an enthusiasm and appreciation which made me so proud of him. 

Sasha was our surprise child.  He arrived only 10 months after Eddie was born so we had our hands full.  He was a very serious baby - very rarely smiling and making you work hard for each smile he gave away.  It wasn't until he was about 9 or 10 months old that he all of a sudden become Mr Personality.  This boy is funny, caring, artistic, loving and a never-ending barrel of energy. 

We love you Sasha.  You are God's special gift to our family and your personality makes you a favourite with so many.  Glad you enjoyed your special day.

Here are a few photos of our quiet family day.

Banana cake with lemon cream cheese frosting.

Waving the smoke away - quirky child.

Reading his birthday card from some good friends.



  1. What a darling! He really is a special boy. :) So glad he enjoyed his day.xx

  2. Hip, Hip,Happy Birthday Sasha! We really enjoy your little boys Amanda :) and Sasha is very cool. I love your birthday style - simplistic and family orientated. My boys birthdays are coming soon, i wonder if I can dial things back without disappointing them? :0 They're hoping for horse riding and bowling, so I figure they must be either selling their toys or going to work soon :P

    Love to you Sasha :D