Thursday, 18 August 2011

Eddie's Top 3

Eddie loves to take photos and he is actually getting quite good at it.  The other day he asked if he could have a turn with the camera, so I told him to take three photos of what he loved about Wowan.

So, here they are:

# 1 - "Daddy's work car".  They never seem to get tired of seeing the Ambulance.  Even if we are on a trip to a larger city, they will always call out when they see an Ambulance.

# 2 - You may not be able to see this, but it is a sprinkler!!!  I don't know if I can add anything else to this one.  I assume he likes it because it is a tall standing one and it waters most of the yard??  But anyway, it made the list.

# 3 - The trampoline.  Cameron's lovely sister and her husband gifted us with this trampoline so it was the boys job to help Daddy put it together - and they did an amazing job.  It is very large and has been in use every single day since it was assembled.  Has even been a great tool in making new friends.

So there you have it; Eddies top 3.  I love that he is easily pleased.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Life in Wowan

I really don't know why it has taken me so long to write this post.  The boxes have been unpacked and the house looking like a home since 3 days after we moved in.  Perhaps it's just enjoying the relaxed lifestyle.

A move of any sort is a stressful time, even if it is one you are looking forward to.  But I'm not going to focus on the negative - I'm going to share all the great things we've experienced in Wowan and share some pics.

Having lived on 5 and a half acres in Maryborough, we are not used to knowing neighbours or seeing traffic pass our front door.  Our boys are loving the fact that we can see the highway from our home and often throughout the day we will hear one of the boys call out "wide load coming" and they all race to the window (or the front gate if we are downstairs) and wait for it to pass.  Funny boys.

Another plus for them is having a boy live next door of the same age.  His dad is the local Police officer.  Their new friend comes over most days to play or jump on the trampoline.  It's nice.

I feel really settled here now.  Routine is happening, school and learn-to-read lessons are back in full swing and there is a calm to our days, which is lovely.  Our new home is large enough for our needs (the envy of the other government workers in town), and bright and clean.  We can see the sun rise from our kitchen window and there are lovely country views.  The towns people are very friendly.  I don't think I've even had a chance to say "I'm Amanda, the new ambo's wife".  People just say hello and ask how we are settling in.  When we walk to the post office to collect our mail, we rarely get to use our key at the post box, as the postmistress has heard us coming and is on the front steps with our mail ready for us.  I love that about small towns.

So, here are a few photos of life for us here in Wowan.

Front of our house.  The bottom left is the reliever's quarters, bottom right is the ambulance station and above is our home.

Lounge (combined with dining, which is next shot).  It is a lovely large room which allows the morning sun to stream in.  Behind the large bookshelves is the kitchen and breakfast area.

The dining / school table.  Nice and warm on these cold mornings.

The Ergon workers did not realise they would have an audience when they were testing poles in our street. 

The lovely view from our back porch.  Hard to really capture the beautiful colours in this shot.

Blessings from Wowan,