Friday, 29 April 2011

Holidays, Celebrations - and now for the routine!

Five weeks of holidays flew by like I knew they would.  The back-to-work date sat on the calendar as a distant engagement but before we could blink, it was upon us.  Usually after a good break we are refreshed and ready to get back into the routine … this time it is different.  Going back to work for Cameron was a chore; not having him with us was a struggle; and it has reinforced our plans to have him retire sooner rather than later.  We’ll kick the plan into high gear and try to be patient, keeping an eye on the prize!

It was a week of celebrations for us.  Not only Easter celebrations with family and friends but also Cameron and Eddie’s birthday yesterday.  We ended up celebrating Cameron’s birthday on the Wednesday (complete with cake) and then having the Thursday to celebrate Eddie’s birthday (with more cake!!).  I think they both enjoyed their days.  I’m not sure if we’ll always have separate days for them but it worked for this year. 

Photo courtesy of Eddie

Eddie's last night as a 4 year-old

I must admit I have thrown routine and order out the window a bit.  After being so run down leading into the holidays, we tended to just spend time with the boys and not worry too much about school, structure, routine or anything.  Starting to pay for that a bit now though, as they boys really thrive on routine.  I’m not a strict clock watcher or anything, but I know my boys respond well to a plan and purpose to the day so I really need to find out where Miss Motivation went and get her back to work!!  There’ll always be tomorrow though, because today we have to worry about settling in Eddie’s birthday present.  Mistake #1 – assuming that when your child asks for a dog he will choose a compact and manageable one.  

Meet Mutley!!!


Saturday, 9 April 2011

News, No News and Random Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but being new to the blog world I struggle with titles for posts!!  But anyway, the title pretty much sums it up.  This was going to be a post to let you know that we would be moving to Julia Creek.  Cameron was offered the Officer in Charge position at Julia Creek but decided to turn it down.  It was for a two-year term transfer and even though I love change, it would have been a logistical nightmare to live between two locations.  So now I have no news for you!

Cameron may well put in for other Officer in Charge positions closer to where we live and then he could work the 8 days on and come back for the 6 days off (we would all go with him though).  It would be a better pay for him and just a more family friendly roster.  We’ll see.  I’m content for the moment.

Anyway, onto the random ramblings…

Holidays have been up and down.  Cameron has had a rough couple of weeks.  He had the tragic news that his best friend from childhood was killed in a car crash while returning from work.  The funeral was a week later, so he had a very long week with many memories flooding back.  For the last week he has been a bit run down and not feeling 100% but thankfully has picked up today.  With 11 days left of holidays, I am praying for rest and refreshing for us all.  We are off to Brisbane again this week (with Cameron continuing on to Melbourne for the BB King concert) so a change will do us good.

My boys are growing up fast.  Eddie will be 5 at the end of the month – I can’t believe it.  We are having issues at the moment as to how to celebrate his birthday.  He was born on Cameron’s birthday and he is a bit upset about the fact that he has to share his birthday when no one else in the family has to do that!!  I don’t know how to get around this because I like making people feel special on their birthday and I don’t want Cameron to feel like he has to forgo his.  We have decided for this year that Cameron will celebrate his birthday the day before and Eddie’s will be on his actual birthday.  Hoping it gets easier with time.

Completely changing the subject again, Cameron and I are starting on a detox type diet tomorrow.  It is usually a 10-day diet but we will just be doing 6 because we are away for the weekend.  Although I’m a bit scared of it (because I don’t do well with temptation sometimes and I hate to fail), I am actually excited about feeling better and more motivated.  Planning to re-introduce exercise into my day as well, so hoping this will be the kick-start I need.

Looking foward to catching up with my big sister again on the weekend.  

Anyway, should wind this up and try for an earlier night.