Thursday, 2 May 2013


Although I made an announcement on facebook, I just realised I hadn't updated the blog with the news that we are expecting another bundle of joy.  Our 4th baby is due in early September and everyone is so excited.  This is a whole new experience because when I was expecting Isaac, my eldest was not even 3 and didn't quite comprehend the whole thing.  Now that the boys are older, they understand what is happening and talk about the baby all the time.  They are so sweet, kissing my tummy goodnight and talking gently to the baby.  Isaac thinks that every doctor's appointment is when I will have the baby - so 17 weeks or so will seem like a long wait for him.

Everything is progressing well and I am about 22 weeks this week.  The dates are a bit off (due date being anywhere from 31st August to the 8th September) but I have learned my lesson about trying to anticipate God's timing (baby #1 came 3 weeks early, baby #2 came 4 weeks early and then when I was ready for an early delivery, baby #3 came right on due date).  The baby will come when it comes and I'm just going to be as prepared as I can!

I made my first purchases for the bub today so that will be exciting to receive the package and have everything washed and ready.

I wasn't actually going to find out the sex of this baby but fell to the pressure of the boys.  Everyone else wanted to know and so we found out - and you can too ... come September!