Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas, etc.

Thought I better do a bit of an update, before another 5 months fly by!!

* For my birthday our little family went for a holiday.  It was so nice to get away - a real treat.  We ended up going to Australia Zoo, Underwater World and all the touristy things.  The boys had a blast and I felt very refreshed at the end of it. 

* My baby turned 4!!!  I am allowed to call him my baby on the blog because he can't read yet, but I am not allowed to say my baby in front of him.  He gets very put out.

* We have decided to use a registered provider for our homeschooling in the new year.  A few reasons for it - mainly being I don't want the burden of the extensive reporting that the government require and the benefit of having the distance ed school doing the reporting is that the boys will have no gaps in their learning (something I was getting worried about as they progressed).  Also this curriculum is encouraging independent learning for the boys and so I will be able to concentrate on kindy work with Isaac and teaching him to read (I love that part of homeschooling).

* We are supposed to be unsocialised homeschoolers, but no-one has told the neighbourhood kids that because the daily playdates from several of the children in town is catching up with me.  We seriously might need to go for a drive some days or keep the doors closed (actually locking them would be better because one boy just opened the door and walked right in, saying "knock knock".  I told him he's supposed to knock before entering but he said the door was unlocked so he felt it was okay to come in!!  Oh we live and learn).

* We had the Christmas Carols in town last night and it was so great.  I feel like Christmas snuck up on me again this year, so it was lovely to sing some of the old carols and get into the spirit of things.  We went to the carols with our 3 children and came home with an extra two for an impromptu sleepover.  So that is what my day will look like today - keeping 5 children amused - well probably 6 because another girl was put out when I said no to a sleepover, as the personalities of them all would just clash big time, so she will be popping over sometime today - all while I catch up on 4 days worth of washing (broken washing machine), prepare for Christmas lunch that is happening at our house (for 15 or so) and the usual house cleaning.  Good times.

Anyway that is a little of what has been going on in our world.  Hopefully I will be more regular with the blog for the new year.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  I pray it will be a sweet time of fellowship with family and friends and that you know how much you are loved by a Mighty God.