Saturday, 24 September 2011

Finally ...

... The Holidays - they have arrived.  I know it probably seems like we haven't been here long enough to earn a holiday, but Cameron has been issued with 5 weeks because he has too many holidays up his sleeve - and I tell you, it is perfect timing.  Cameron has been doing a lot of overtime lately and even though it isn't too taxing in our small town, it just makes him unavailable.  Because a colleague has been very sick, he has been working 11 days straight with 3 days off for a little while now so we are ready to chill for a while. 

Next week we've booked in for a few local activities in Rockhampton for school holidays - things like a trip to Heritage Village where the boys will be able to feed animals, milk cows etc, then a couple of trips to different train museums for a train ride and kids crafts with goody bags and so on.  The boys are excited and I will try to remember to pack my camera for show and tell next week!!

Last weekend we had a lovely overnight visit from my sister, her husband and 5 beautiful children.  It was a full house but it was so much fun and lovely to see her precious crew growing up so fast.  Took a great cousins shot (oldest to youngest) this time, so we'll be able to compare height changes over the years.  My sisters are like my best friends and it is very hard to catch up and I feel sad when they leave, but this time I was determined to make the most of it and enjoy what special time we had.

My nephew kept forgetting names, so was calling his cousins "bro".  Love that Eddie dressed up for the occasion.

Can you tell we are sisters?


The cousins - aren't they a gorgeous bunch?

I am truly blessed,

Thursday, 1 September 2011

This Too Shall Pass

It's been a tough week this week.  On Monday Eddie woke with a fever and bad cough, so spent the day in bed.  He seemed to pick up in the early evening and was better the next day.  I however went to bed that night feeling the symptoms and woke on Tuesday feeling worse, with a headache as well and ended the day vomiting.  Good times.  Sasha woke yesterday morning with "sore arms and legs" and a sore tummy.  He spent the day in bed but felt better towards the end of the day and was determined to "eat everything off my plate" at dinner time.  He did too, and fortunately there wasn't a colourful show of it afterwards, which was what I expected.

I sometimes feel a crisis of faith when there is sickness in the family (especially when it is my own).  I wonder why I don't see instant results to my prayers for healing.  Anyway, I got over myself and decided to live in hope.  Hope for a better day tomorrow; hope for healing; hope in the God I know who has never let me down.  We live in a sinful world so we are not promised a smooth ride.  But I can still pray, and still believe for all good things, and trust God for the rest. 

Today is a better day.  We decided to start the week off again (sound familiar Jen) and things are looking up and I am very thankful.

Anyway, here are some random thoughts I've been mulling over (humour me - I don't get out much!!)

1.  The lady who works at the Post Office sells farm fresh eggs for $3/dz.  No more marble-sized eggs from the nearest IGA (and by nearest I mean 50km away).  Yay.
2.  I think I may be intolerant to wheat and maybe lactose.  I'm also thinking I might ignore this thought, because I would then have to do research and find alternatives and that just sounds like too much work.  Anyone else wheat intolerant/lactose intolerant?  And does wheat intolerant mean gluten intolerant?  Okay, okay, I will do the research.
3.  Cameron gets holidays in about 18 days - for five weeks.  He does have a lot of overtime to do before those holidays, so I am hoping it goes smoothly.  Instead of 8 days on, he will need to do at least 11 and possibly 14 days straight.  Hoping it is just the 11.

I should sign off before those random thoughts become ramblings.  Oh, too late.