Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ending of an Era?

I feel it every time I look at my baby boy, who is so evidently not a baby anymore.  I'm not used to not having a baby around and although these are milestones you look forward to as they grow, I don't know if you are every ready for it.

Even though we are open to the possibility of having more children at some stage, it is something I am aware can never be taken for a given!!

So, as we are fast approaching Isaac's 3rd birthday, and since he is toilet training and gaining more and more independence, I am savouring my little boy's last signs of baby-ness.  Check out this cutie-patootie!!

Chubby cheeks and a bucket hat - gets me every time.

Chubby fingers and toes - a sign he's my baby for just a bit longer!!!

I will post holiday pics soon - I will!