Thursday, 18 August 2011

Eddie's Top 3

Eddie loves to take photos and he is actually getting quite good at it.  The other day he asked if he could have a turn with the camera, so I told him to take three photos of what he loved about Wowan.

So, here they are:

# 1 - "Daddy's work car".  They never seem to get tired of seeing the Ambulance.  Even if we are on a trip to a larger city, they will always call out when they see an Ambulance.

# 2 - You may not be able to see this, but it is a sprinkler!!!  I don't know if I can add anything else to this one.  I assume he likes it because it is a tall standing one and it waters most of the yard??  But anyway, it made the list.

# 3 - The trampoline.  Cameron's lovely sister and her husband gifted us with this trampoline so it was the boys job to help Daddy put it together - and they did an amazing job.  It is very large and has been in use every single day since it was assembled.  Has even been a great tool in making new friends.

So there you have it; Eddies top 3.  I love that he is easily pleased.



  1. I think trampolines should be an essential piece of equipment in any yard. We have considered it to be since our 2nd was born over 9 years ago. My second choice is a Hills swing set with the baby love seat swing.

    Glad he is enjoying using a camera. My eldest loved it too.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  2. We were saving our pennies for a trampoline for Christmas for them, so receiving this one early really was a blessing. We have a swing set too, although hubby wasn't too keen on disassembling and then reassembling considering how many hours it took him in the first place! Fortunately their friend next door here has a swing set if they want a go. You are right, they really are essential, especially as we really encourage regular outside play time. Bless you Jen.