Sunday, 22 May 2011

Small Steps

Well, I think it's happening.  Momentum.  Discipline.  Mojo.  Whatever you like to call it, I feel like I'm starting to get back to my normal planning self and I LOVE IT.  It's been so weird not being able to wanting to plan.  Even when I have wanted to, my mind has been cloudy and jumbled so I just put it off for another day, and another...

As regards to homeschooling and how we run our house, let's face it - I am a routine kind of gal.  And that's ok.  Go with the flow works for some (and I secretly envy them) but it really doesn't work for our home - at least not on a permanent basis.  So as of tomorrow, it is back to routine for us (a grace-based routine anyway). 

Some things that will be changing are:
  1. waking the boys up instead of letting them sleep in til whenever!  At the moment I have been leaving them and just getting breakfast for them whenever they wake.  One will wake at about 7 or 7.30 and then the other two are 8 or 8.30.   From now on wake up will be 7.00am.  We are finding that the boys are not settling for bed until very late.  Even though they are in bed and lights out by 8, they are still awake and need refereeing often until 9.00pm, which doesn't leave much couple time before I fall asleep from exhaustion!!  Hopefully this change will help.
  2. As regards to school - just doing it really.  I've spent so much time researching and planning that there comes a time to actually implement it.  I know my boys are young and don't really need much school but to be honest - they want it.  They want to do the worksheets and "do school" as they call it.  My main focus though will be on teaching to read.  Obviously that is the key to every thing else, so we'll work on that

    Our school room

    Our school table
    I am finding that since we have put up this calendar and the boys change it each day, they have a better sense of time because they can visualise the days and count them off (except when they ask how long they have to wait til their birthday and they've only just had it!!!)

Hoping for a wonderful week.


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  1. I know what you mean. You reach a limit and you realise it is Time to Get Back On Track. I have been there recently. I too like to plan but have troubles implementing them. I really need to work out how to overcome the lack of energy I have due to allergies so I can get my momentum going too.

    Good luck and I hope your week works out well.

    Best wishes