Tuesday, 24 May 2011


My sweet little sister had a go at me the other day because I didn't post often enough on this blog.  And she's right.  Since starting this blog, I've realised even more how quickly time passes.

So, just for my sister, here is one of my favourite pictures of her and my bubby Isaac.  I'm sure she's going to be mad at me, but since she is having problems with posting a comment from her computer, I may get away with it for a little while!

Isaac (age 10 months) and Aunty Lissy

I am really blessed to have two amazing sisters who are not only family but my closest friends also.  Since I'll already be in trouble, here's another favourite photo of my older sister (also with Isaac).  Love you guys.

Isaac (age 4 months) with Aunty Elly

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  1. The three of you look alike!
    It must be special having sisters you are close to. ;)