Thursday, 2 June 2011

Week in Review

EDIT - Am having trouble uploading photos at the moment, so will post our pictures from the week at another time.

It is probably almost two weeks in review, but since my last post we have implemented those two specific changes (being 7.00am wake up, and starting school work) and it has been great.  The boys body clocks are starting to adjust to it and even wake naturally at that time.  The odd morning I still need to wake one of the boys up, but otherwise it is working well and bedtime is happening more smoothly again.  The only down side is when I don't get enough quiet time in the morning before they wake (which has happened the last two mornings).  I have had a fairly positive attitude towards it but come the afternoon and I am struggling.  I guess that is what goes on the list next week - SET THE ALARM.
As for school work, it has been going great.  The only officicial curriculum I am using at the moment is Maths and we are using Rod and Staff.  This has been great and although I don't follow the script exactly (my boys tune out with too much repetition) we all love it.  I am trying to introduce them gently, as they are still very young, so I am not pushing them to do all the worksheets that are given for review.  I get them to do one or two in the lesson and the rest I will keep for an activity during a lull.

We have been struggling a bit with behaviour issues this week and I put it down to TV watching.  We are going to have to ban it for a while and test our theory, which I'm secretly mourning because it is the one time that I get to sit down and have a cup of tea in peace.  Even though they don't watch too much TV, within half an hour of watching something they start acting up, stirring each other and fighting.  It's just not worth even a half hours' reprieve if it turns into chaos and strife.

So next weeks' changes are: 
  1. No TV time for the boys;
  2. No computer time for me while the boys are awake (unless Cam is home and out with the boys);
  3. Alarm for Mummy to rise and have quiet time and coffee before the day starts (and perhaps exercise eventually can be added!!)

Here's to a good week.


  1. My kids are different with TV. They zone out. So it does give me quiet but I wonder if they are able to think for themselves sometimes. Different reason, possibly time for the same solution.

    Good to see the body clocks are "resetting". I need to try that more here too.

    Best wishes

  2. Thanks Jen. I find the boys space out too and also get very demanding ("I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, I want this..."). Had no TV today and it was great. Lots of outside play time (helped that Daddy was home) and they didn't really ask for it, which was great. I also managed to get out of bed at 5.15 and have about an hour by myself this morning - so a successful day all round. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. We got rid of our TV nearly 5 years ago and I don't miss it! I found there were many less behaviour issues straight away, and it didn't take them long to be able to fill their days with independant play. It stimulates their brains while they're relatively immobile, so after a while you end up with a lot of energy that hasn't been worked off-that's the very basics of the studies that have been done on it anyway.

    5.15! You're a trooper-on these chilly mornings i'm happy to be up by 7am...........