Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Sweetness of Boys

Raising boys is tough work.  They are loud, rough, full-on, loud!!!  But you know what?  There is such a sweetness and tenderness about these boys that makes it all worth it.

I sent Eddie downstairs to draw a picture for me with chalk and I'd come down to check it once my cuppa was made.  This is what I found.

Follow the arrows

... Down the path

Round the bend ...

Awwwww.    Sweet!

Sasha sped past me down the driveway, calling out "I'm just getting something".  When we arrived in Wowan there was a large pot at the driveway filled with dirt.  For six months it has just sat there, filled with dirt.  A few days of heavy rain and what do you know ... colourful blooms.

My bouquet from Sasha!   Sweet.
As Isaac has been toilet training (and now is all done!), he has obviously been spending lots of time in the bathroom undressing and dressing again.  As I help him put his pants back on, he leans on my shoulder and whispers "Mummy, you are lovely".  Sweet.

And my man?  Took the boys on some errands and encouraged me to meet a friend for a pedicure (my first ever pedicure) on the day we were to travel back home from a week away.  Sweet.

Check out my flip-flop tan!

Counting my blessings,


  1. You are very blessed indeed!

  2. I love when my boys lean and cuddle. They are usually so busy going it is lovely to just be.

    Hope your Christmas is wonderful.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW