Saturday, 19 February 2011


Ever since my husband and I made the decision that homeschooling was the path for us, I have been reading everything related to that topic that I can get my hands on.  An annoying part of my personality is that as soon as I decide something, I run with it instantly.  I need to know absolutely everything about the topic, and in this situation it meant almost mapping out the boys’ whole 12 years of schooling (I am only slightly kidding).  Without realising it, I have actually put a lot of pressure on myself to be organised and have everything in control that I have neglected just being!  My eldest has not yet turned 5 and for Queensland the compulsory school age of a child is 6.5.  A sweet homeschooling friend gave me some advice to just chill and enjoy my babies while I can and today I gladly took that advice.  Instead of reading a homeschool how-to manual, I actually reached for my Jane Austen omnibus edition.  Sitting out on our front porch watching the boys “help” their Daddy with yardwork and just be boys, I soaked up a few chapters of Sense and Sensibility.  Definitely a need for more balance in my life. 

Following are some moments of our day.  Happy weekend everyone.

My Leisure Reading

Boys helping Daddy unkink the hose

A reward for their efforts


  1. Enjoying your sweet little men sounds like a great plan! And who doesn't love running through the hose?!? Vic xx

  2. Smart Mumma :D You have so, so ,So much time. Love the pictures of all your men at play!

  3. Looks like a great time of leisure indeed! Good on you for taking the chill out advice :)