Thursday, 24 February 2011

Brag Book

Although not very computer savvy (ok not at all), my Mother is a little excited at the idea of this blog, because she gets to see pictures of her grandchildren more often.  So, this one's for you Nanna (and thanks Dad for showing Mum how to view this).

A few pictures from the last few days at home.  We have had extremes in weather this week.  Monday was unbearably hot and found us camped out in the airconditioned bedroom.  Tuesday found us also inside but because of the rain this time, closing windows because the breeze was too cold - definitely not complaining.

Isaac playing Barrel of Monkeys - remember that game??

Eddie took this photo - pretty clever hey?

Just because we found leftover Christmas crackers

Isaac playing Play Doh without eating it (that is leftover lunch on his face)

Computer time (love Sasha's look of concentration)

Eddie playing golf (a belated Christmas present received this week)
The boys playing Guess Who in the air con (they LOVE this game and we are asked to play on a daily basis)

There you go Nanna, there are my cherubs.  The great thing about starting this blog is that I get my camera out more often.  Definitely love capturing my men at work.

Bless you all,


  1. It's great isn't it? Having an incentive to take regular pictures?! :) Your boys are so beautiful Amanda. I'm loving spending time with Sasha each week - he is precious! xx

  2. Lucky Nanna :) This week was extreme wasn't it. You've reminded me to drag those games out too. Thanks Amanda. And yep, its supersweet to be taking photos regularly (obsessively :P he he, that's me!. I love the impromptu party.

  3. Lovely Pics Amanda! I think my boys and your boys would have a great time together!