Sunday, 18 October 2015

The busyness continues ...

So, last time I posted, our baby girl was 6 months old.  So, this happened ...

She turned 2!

Then this happened ...

She became a big sister!!

Selah Jade was born 3 days before Christmas.

The line up to date.

Our life is full.  We have had a year that has been filled with sickness, changes to our plans and many hurdles.  But life is good.  And the tide is turning.  We are so grateful for God's many blessings and looking forward to all He has in store for us.



  1. Well, hello! Congratulations on your new little bundle of sweetness. Nice to see you again.

    1. Thanks Jen. Was lovely catching up with your blog again also. Big changes in your house too I see. All the best.