Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Homeschooling - It's Official!

I have the paperwork ready to fill out to register our intent to homeschool Eddie.  I'm a bit nervous about it because I have heard some horror stories about the difficulties with the department, but I believe it is best for us and so will proceed.  I guess if we have too much trouble with red tape we can always move to Victoria!  Just kidding (kind of).

Homeschooling really is a great fit for our family and the decision just keeps being confirmed to us as I see our kids blossom.  I guess if I was to label our homeschooling style, it would be Classical with Charlotte Mason leanings.  We are mostly following the plan laid out in Susan Wise Bauer's 'A Well-Trained Mind'.  It is going so well and I love the flexibility and creativity it brings out in the boys. 

Some things we love about homeschooling:

You can be Thor or

Captain America one day...

And wear your dressing gown the next.

Little ones are eager to learn from a young age.

The local hangout for the neighbourhood kids is directly across the road, so we can meet up with friends anytime.

We can interrupt lessons to watch the rubbish truck.  Seriously, this man is so well loved here that he needs to be on the Christmas Card list.

So, my homeschooling friends, any thoughts or advice?  Do you have any troubles with your state department?  Any tips you would like to offer?


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  1. Go Amanda! I respect and admire your decision to homeschool. I hope and pray it will be a wonderful journey for you and your children. :) xx